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Student Equity Planning
3/9/2017 11:42:37 AM
The Student Equity division is working on multiple projects currently, including: 1) Convening a Multi-Cultural Committee, which is planning for the creation of a Multi-Cultural Center on the Eureka campus, as well as a Multi-Cultural Symposium for Fall 2017. 2) Coordinating CR`s participation in the Racial Equity Alliance, a regional group which gathers to learn how to engage their respective institutions in making racial equity changes. 3) Convening and coordinating the Student Equity Committee, which is currently analyzing data and creating possible strategies to address current disproportionate impacts in the areas of student access, course completion, persistence, graduation, and transfer. 4) Continuing to offer professional development opportunities for faculty and staff related to underrepresented students` success. 5) Continuing to offer cultural awareness activities at the college that further create an environment of connectedness, belonging and acceptance for underrepresented and all students. 6) Giving motivational talks at the local high schools to Spanish-speaking students and parents, including at Arcata and Fortuna High Schools. Thank you, Renee Saucedo Director of Student Equity & Success

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