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Multiple Measures Assessment Project
10/31/2017 10:15:37 AM
Recent legislation (AB 705) and direction from the Chancellor’s Office have made a call for less stand-alone remedial classes and more emphasis on supplemental instruction and multiple measures for initial placement over the standardized assessment tools that historically underplace students. College of the Redwoods is now in our 3rd year of implementation of the multiple measures assessment project and have seen encouraging results in significantly higher placements. Our focus for this year will be to create consistent procedures across the institution to ensure every student receives multiple measure placement. The specific areas we will address: 1. Make a determination on the role of self-reported transcript data via OpenCCCApply (college application system) or in person. 2. Automate import and processing of CalPASS and/or self-reported data into a placement. 3. Evaluate the intake process of assessment and orientation and adjust where necessary to prevent students from missing multiple measure placement. 4. Evaluate the success of multiple measures placements compared to the historical average success rate of transfer level English and math.

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