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Management Council
4/12/2016 12:37:13 PM
This has been a busy month for Managers and Directors. Youth Summit - The Northcoast Youth Summit was held on the Eureka campus on Saturday March 19. There were about 200 high school students on campus with 40 workshops presented. Everything went well. Kintay Johnson was the CR representative on the planning council; however, the event wouldn`t have been possible without assistance from Steven Roper, Maintenance, Burk McBride and Public Safety. New Initiatives - We are excited about the new initiatives – OneREG, Pelican Bay, Dual Enrollment, Concurrent enrollment – as ways to grow the college, but these initiatives are also increasing the workload, impacting not only Management Council members but other staff as well. They are presenting challenges, but we’re committed to working to solve them. Special thanks to Rianne Connor, Tiffany Schmitcke, Shereen Cockrum (Admissions & Records) as well as Paul Chown and Tom Cossay (Technology Services), and Sheila Hall and the entire counseling staff for their work toward implementing OneREG. Public Safety - Burk McBride and his Public Safety team have been preparing “Go-bags” for each building. They are now ready – just looking for a place in where they are easily accessible when needed but also not where they can easily disappear. Each bag has vests, hard hats, mini flashlights, whistles, cloth gloves, rubber gloves, laminated evacuation map, paper, pen, pencil, marker, a roll of blue tape, glow sticks and a trauma kit (gauze, ace bandage, trauma shears, tourniquet). Also each of the Public Safety vehicles are now equipped with a “Crisis box.” These boxes include crowbars. cable cutters, bolt cutters, gloves, caution tape roll, markers, building plans for every building, alarm codes, radio frequencies and safety reflective vests. Public Safety also has colored and labeled “Field Command/ Incident Command System Vests” for the various ICS positions during an emergency and or Active Shooter situation, and 20 blue police vests for firearms range possible responders.

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