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Emergency Preparedness & Safety Committee
5/7/2019 9:20:24 AM
First of all we need to change the name of our committee on this page to Life Safety Committee. We have discussed emergency preparedness and making some recommendations and improvements. 1) SATELLITE PHONE: for communications due to phone lines down and cell phones not working • Satellite phone: Cost of phone $420.00 and a monthly rate of $35.00. • ALTERNATIVE to satellite phone: AT&T First Net- A Dedicated Public Safety Broadband Service. 2)HAM RADIO for communications due to phone lines down and cell phones not working. Ability to Communicate with other agencies. • ALTERNATIVE: Research shows that our current Kenwood 2 way radios can be formatted to be used as ham radios. Will do some additional research to locate local ham radio operators, touch bases with them and find out what it takes to get their assistance in the event of an emergency. Current Kenwood radios that we use can be programmed with the frequencies needed to communicate with Ham Radios. $100.00 an hour to program. 3) New Emergency Broadcast vendor: • Switch from Rave to EVERBRIDGE. • Everbridge is already used in Humboldt and Del Norte counties, so will be easier to integrate with other agencies and county alerts. • More economical. • Easier and quicker to get alert out. System is much more user friendly. 4) Use of Emergency Notifications: Discussion about when emergency notification should be used. Those in attendance agreed that the use should be pretty narrow. If we’re sending out too many emergency notifications, then people will just ignore them. 5) Alternate routes to Eureka Campus in case of flooding etc.: 3 exits off of 101 to drive to Eureka Campus on Tompkins Hill Road; Singley Road Exit #692, Hookton Road Exit #696, and Tompkins Hill Road Exit #698. We want to make sure we communicate out to all of our campus community if there is flooding at one of the highway off-ramps. 6) MOUs (who, where, when, why): Need to find out all of the agreements we have in place when it comes to emergencies, possible campus evacuations, etc. Example: previous bomb threat on campus necessitated the evacuation of dorm students. This included things such as: transportation, food, temporary site “housing”, etc. Residential Housing is looking into the MOU’s that may be in place. 7) VIDEO CAMERAS: Cameras are needed pointing down the hallways of the buildings. In the example given of an active shooter, we have cameras on the exterior of our newer buildings, but once the active shooter enters the building, we have no visual on them and no recording of events. • Dorms need new cameras, current cameras are almost useless. • Parking lot cameras need replaced and updated as well. ($48,000. Is estimate for parking lot cameras, cables, etc. from IT department) 8)Look at new Evacuation areas: As our new buildings get under construction, we will need to look at new evacuation areas. Example: Current baseball field area will become the location for the new Creative Arts bldg. 9)See Something/Say Something Campaign: Hoping to work with ASCR on this campaign for campus safety, (no representative present). 10)EMERGENCY SUPPLIES IF UNABLE TO LEAVE EUREKA CAMPUS • Blankets: army surplus new, $7. A piece • Cots: approx. $40. Each • Tents: an 18’x24’ tent $2,500.00. • Emergency food supply – Meals Ready to Eat (MRE): MREs range from $2.00 to $10.00 a meal, depending on the amount you buy. Obviously if you buy in bulk you get the better price. Best price I could find was on the Legacy Food Storage site with bulk amounts and prices starting at: Servings Total Price *Price Per Meal 240 $565.00 $2.35 up to 4,320 $8790.00 $2.03

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