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Data Owner's Group
1/29/2018 2:48:45 PM
Data Owners Group discussed the MIS submission deadline for Fall 2017. We are a little behind schedule due mainly to staffing issues, but hope to meet all deadlines. SQL Migration Go-Live dates remain fixed at 3/9 through 3/12. There will be no access to Datatel or WebAdvisor for these four days. Joe Hash gave a brief overview of Cranium Cafe; and how advisors will use it. We anticipate this helping our SSSP numbers. The Business Office is researching alternative approaches to selecting which semesters with past due balances are used in determining which students are selected for Drop for Non-Payment. We were reminded of the confusing WebAdvisor section statuses during registration. A section will state its status as Full; or Closed; and not indicate that there is a waitlist available for the class until at least one student has been put on the waitlist. These statuses are hardcoded into the Datatel/WebAdvisor programs and not something we can change locally.

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