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Academic Senate
5/7/2019 10:35:38 AM
The Senate appointed a task force to review its leadership structure, which culminated in no clear recommendation for change. This will be a continuing topic of review in the 2019-20 academic year. The Senate also discussed proposed revisions to Area E of the CR GE curriculum and decided to follow the task force`s recommendations to combine the curricular standards for Area E back into areas B & C of the GE pattern, eliminating the Area E requirement. The Senate also approved CR entering into the Online Education Initiative in spring term 2019.
Assessment Committee
2/25/2020 5:54:49 PM
At its February 25 meeting the Assessment Committee discussed the possibility of conducting student support service assessment within the regular program review process (rather than separate outcome reporting to be conducted through eLumen). Service areas would utilize their program indicators and other relevant data as a basis for outcome assessment. It is anticipated that this move will streamline assessment reporting in these areas and make it more meaningful within those specific contexts, while also ensuring that assessment data continues to be used to improve student support programs and services. Programs will be prompted to reflect on and connect their indicators to outcome assessment and to the planning process, to identify benchmarks for success, and to track the impacts of program initiatives on program outcome attainment. The committee also agreed that it was more effective for support services to conduct outcome assessment on a two-year cycle, given the need to capture action plan data when service areas have significantly fewer outcomes compared to instructional disciplines. Instructional disciplines will continue to operate within a four-year cycle.
Basic Skills Committee
11/6/2017 3:15:40 PM
The Basic Skills Committee has met three times this semester. We have reviewed data related to the Basic Skills Student Outcomes & Transformation grant related to multiple measures, acceleration in English and Math, and the integration of modified supplemental instruction (EPIC) into accelerated courses. The Basic Skills Committee has also been working on the integrated BSI/SEP/SSSP plan. The committee has also chosen to expand support for faculty to adopt the Reading Apprenticeship Framework, supporting two faculty inquiry groups (one on the Del Norte campus) and one on the Eureka Campus. A group of faculty are also participating in a Community of Practice in Reading Apprenticeship, attending extensive workshops on the implementation of a Reading Apprenticeship Framework in their classes.
Budget Advisory Committee
3/11/2020 9:09:23 AM
The Budget Advisory Committee began meeting in May of 2019. Over that time, following a tentative calendar created last spring, the committee developed its regular working order. Now, in its first year, the Budget Advisory Committee has identified a variety of data to be used in measuring programs in order to assist the CBO and the institution in making budgeting decisions across the institution. The Budget Advisory Committee has also been working towards making budget priority recommendations to the President and Executive Cabinet that tie into the Annual and Education Master Plans. Several valuable documents have already been produced and others are in draft stage. The committee members continue to meet twice a month as they calibrate their findings and engage in a continuous process of improvement and clarification of the committee’s role and function.
Budget Planning
4/27/2017 11:38:58 AM
Working with the Facilities Planning Committee and Technology Planning Committee, the Budget Planning Committee has produced a recommended prioritization of the resource requests from the Fall 2016 program reviews. It has forwarded this list to Cabinet. It is expected that Cabinet will make a final decision on which requests get funded after the release of the Governor`s May budget revise."
College Council
2/26/2019 10:40:08 AM
The February 25th meeting of the College Council was very busy. Council members agreed to send four APs to the Board of Trustees for review or approval and send 4 BPs and 4 APs out for a 60 day constituent review. The Council also reviewed 57 BPs and APs falling in the 7000s (Human Resources) area that had minor and no changes. The members agreed to update those noting a February 25 review date. The Council also agreed to table five APs and one BP for further discussion at the March College Council meeting.
Data Owner's Group
1/29/2018 2:48:45 PM
Data Owners Group discussed the MIS submission deadline for Fall 2017. We are a little behind schedule due mainly to staffing issues, but hope to meet all deadlines. SQL Migration Go-Live dates remain fixed at 3/9 through 3/12. There will be no access to Datatel or WebAdvisor for these four days. Joe Hash gave a brief overview of Cranium Cafe; and how advisors will use it. We anticipate this helping our SSSP numbers. The Business Office is researching alternative approaches to selecting which semesters with past due balances are used in determining which students are selected for Drop for Non-Payment. We were reminded of the confusing WebAdvisor section statuses during registration. A section will state its status as Full; or Closed; and not indicate that there is a waitlist available for the class until at least one student has been put on the waitlist. These statuses are hardcoded into the Datatel/WebAdvisor programs and not something we can change locally.
Distance Education Planning Committee
5/14/2019 1:29:13 PM
DE Planning Committee approved a revised waitlist process for online classes beginning Fall 2019. Accessibility software Ally was reviewed and approved by the DEPC for a site license fund request. In the event of funding support, Ally will be deployed in all Canvas courses providing faculty with accessibility reviews and methods for modifying content for compliance. A decision may not be made until summer. Preparation was made in anticipation of an CVC-OEI application to join the Consortium. The Academic Senate has endorsed joining the Consortium. Two fall convocation proposals with DE themes were discussed. The DE staff will make final determinations. A student survey (annual) was reported and will be sent to all online students before the end of the semester.
Emergency Preparedness & Safety Committee
5/7/2019 9:20:24 AM
First of all we need to change the name of our committee on this page to Life Safety Committee. We have discussed emergency preparedness and making some recommendations and improvements. 1) SATELLITE PHONE: for communications due to phone lines down and cell phones not working • Satellite phone: Cost of phone $420.00 and a monthly rate of $35.00. • ALTERNATIVE to satellite phone: AT&T First Net- A Dedicated Public Safety Broadband Service. 2)HAM RADIO for communications due to phone lines down and cell phones not working. Ability to Communicate with other agencies. • ALTERNATIVE: Research shows that our current Kenwood 2 way radios can be formatted to be used as ham radios. Will do some additional research to locate local ham radio operators, touch bases with them and find out what it takes to get their assistance in the event of an emergency. Current Kenwood radios that we use can be programmed with the frequencies needed to communicate with Ham Radios. $100.00 an hour to program. 3) New Emergency Broadcast vendor: • Switch from Rave to EVERBRIDGE. • Everbridge is already used in Humboldt and Del Norte counties, so will be easier to integrate with other agencies and county alerts. • More economical. • Easier and quicker to get alert out. System is much more user friendly. 4) Use of Emergency Notifications: Discussion about when emergency notification should be used. Those in attendance agreed that the use should be pretty narrow. If we’re sending out too many emergency notifications, then people will just ignore them. 5) Alternate routes to Eureka Campus in case of flooding etc.: 3 exits off of 101 to drive to Eureka Campus on Tompkins Hill Road; Singley Road Exit #692, Hookton Road Exit #696, and Tompkins Hill Road Exit #698. We want to make sure we communicate out to all of our campus community if there is flooding at one of the highway off-ramps. 6) MOUs (who, where, when, why): Need to find out all of the agreements we have in place when it comes to emergencies, possible campus evacuations, etc. Example: previous bomb threat on campus necessitated the evacuation of dorm students. This included things such as: transportation, food, temporary site “housing”, etc. Residential Housing is looking into the MOU’s that may be in place. 7) VIDEO CAMERAS: Cameras are needed pointing down the hallways of the buildings. In the example given of an active shooter, we have cameras on the exterior of our newer buildings, but once the active shooter enters the building, we have no visual on them and no recording of events. • Dorms need new cameras, current cameras are almost useless. • Parking lot cameras need replaced and updated as well. ($48,000. Is estimate for parking lot cameras, cables, etc. from IT department) 8)Look at new Evacuation areas: As our new buildings get under construction, we will need to look at new evacuation areas. Example: Current baseball field area will become the location for the new Creative Arts bldg. 9)See Something/Say Something Campaign: Hoping to work with ASCR on this campaign for campus safety, (no representative present). 10)EMERGENCY SUPPLIES IF UNABLE TO LEAVE EUREKA CAMPUS • Blankets: army surplus new, $7. A piece • Cots: approx. $40. Each • Tents: an 18’x24’ tent $2,500.00. • Emergency food supply – Meals Ready to Eat (MRE): MREs range from $2.00 to $10.00 a meal, depending on the amount you buy. Obviously if you buy in bulk you get the better price. Best price I could find was on the Legacy Food Storage site with bulk amounts and prices starting at: Servings Total Price *Price Per Meal 240 $565.00 $2.35 up to 4,320 $8790.00 $2.03
Enrollment Management Committee
5/16/2019 11:39:53 AM
The Enrollment Management Committee spent a long time discussing the location codes listed in the Webadvisor schedule of classes for students. The committee determined that the Eureka Off Campus (EOC) code was difficult for students to understand. Instead of Off Campus, the committee determined that `High schools, HSU, other` was a better description for students of the class locations listed within.
Expanded Cabinet
4/19/2016 12:27:01 PM
Expanded Cabinet met on April 11, 2016. Topics discussed included accreditation, IEPI Goals framework, a campus expansion plan, an update on safety upgrades, the mandated claims report, and medical rate increases.
Facilities Planning Committee
2/26/2019 11:58:00 AM
Facilities Planning Committee has finished ranking the facilities resource requests submitted through Program Review. We have also finished the draft revision of the Facilities Master Plan, and it was sent out by the President for constituent review. Feedback is coming in from people district-wide, and will be taken into consideration for the final version sent to the President by the beginning of April. The annual Facilities Survey should be coming out sometime in the next month or so.
Guided Pathways Committee
5/16/2019 11:34:20 AM
The Guided Pathways Committee helped coordinate a promotional video about AB 705 and the new placement process and English and math sequences. The group helped finalize the Guided Pathways self-evaluation that was due last month. A more detailed assessment will be due in September in the Chancellor`s new online Nova system. Progress to implement AB 705 will be captured in mandatory certification forms the College will submit to the Chancellor`s Office in July describing how we have implemented AB 705.
Institutional Effectiveness
9/25/2019 10:00:34 AM
The IEC discussed the roll-out of the Vision Statement that the Board of Trustees has asked Dr Flamer to collect feedback for. An email went out to all governance committee chairs to collect the feedback and submit a summary to the IEC by November 8. The IEC also reviewed the 2019-2020 Annual Plan, the 2018-2019 Institutional Effectiveness Report, and the integrated planning timeline and made minor adjustments.
Management Council
4/12/2016 12:37:13 PM
This has been a busy month for Managers and Directors. Youth Summit - The Northcoast Youth Summit was held on the Eureka campus on Saturday March 19. There were about 200 high school students on campus with 40 workshops presented. Everything went well. Kintay Johnson was the CR representative on the planning council; however, the event wouldn`t have been possible without assistance from Steven Roper, Maintenance, Burk McBride and Public Safety. New Initiatives - We are excited about the new initiatives – OneREG, Pelican Bay, Dual Enrollment, Concurrent enrollment – as ways to grow the college, but these initiatives are also increasing the workload, impacting not only Management Council members but other staff as well. They are presenting challenges, but we’re committed to working to solve them. Special thanks to Rianne Connor, Tiffany Schmitcke, Shereen Cockrum (Admissions & Records) as well as Paul Chown and Tom Cossay (Technology Services), and Sheila Hall and the entire counseling staff for their work toward implementing OneREG. Public Safety - Burk McBride and his Public Safety team have been preparing “Go-bags” for each building. They are now ready – just looking for a place in where they are easily accessible when needed but also not where they can easily disappear. Each bag has vests, hard hats, mini flashlights, whistles, cloth gloves, rubber gloves, laminated evacuation map, paper, pen, pencil, marker, a roll of blue tape, glow sticks and a trauma kit (gauze, ace bandage, trauma shears, tourniquet). Also each of the Public Safety vehicles are now equipped with a “Crisis box.” These boxes include crowbars. cable cutters, bolt cutters, gloves, caution tape roll, markers, building plans for every building, alarm codes, radio frequencies and safety reflective vests. Public Safety also has colored and labeled “Field Command/ Incident Command System Vests” for the various ICS positions during an emergency and or Active Shooter situation, and 20 blue police vests for firearms range possible responders.
Multicultural and Diversity Committee
3/4/2019 1:22:09 PM
The Multicultural and Diversity Committee continues to generate ideas for professional development for next year. It is in the process of selecting guest speakers who will deliver sessions on mental health and equity-related matters during Convocation and Flex days. The committee is also in the beginning stages of a dialogue with the Academic Senate to potentially transition to being a District committee to more effectively serve the CR community. This dialogue is brought forth by the ongoing work of the Multicultural Center and the Student Equity Committee Committee and by the fact that as a Senate Committee the MDC is limited in scope by the Ten Plus One.
Multiple Measures Assessment Project
10/31/2017 10:15:37 AM
Recent legislation (AB 705) and direction from the Chancellor’s Office have made a call for less stand-alone remedial classes and more emphasis on supplemental instruction and multiple measures for initial placement over the standardized assessment tools that historically underplace students. College of the Redwoods is now in our 3rd year of implementation of the multiple measures assessment project and have seen encouraging results in significantly higher placements. Our focus for this year will be to create consistent procedures across the institution to ensure every student receives multiple measure placement. The specific areas we will address: 1. Make a determination on the role of self-reported transcript data via OpenCCCApply (college application system) or in person. 2. Automate import and processing of CalPASS and/or self-reported data into a placement. 3. Evaluate the intake process of assessment and orientation and adjust where necessary to prevent students from missing multiple measure placement. 4. Evaluate the success of multiple measures placements compared to the historical average success rate of transfer level English and math.
Professional Development Committee
5/15/2019 10:59:16 AM
The Professional Development Program had a superb year. Professional Development offerings increased by 37% compared to the 2017/2018 academic year. There were 71 professional development opportunities with 984 attendees this year compared to 52 professional development opportunities and 658 total attendees in the 2017/2018 year. There was a 60% increase in course offerings as well as a 57% increase in attendees attending Convocation course offerings this year. Additionally, there was a 43% increase in course offerings as well as a 102% increase in attendees in FLEX activities. The Professional Development Committee is actively engaged in pursuing the professional development interests of all staff. The committee takes a sincere interest in analyzing the annual survey results to identify what staff need for professional development. The committee works hard to identify course types, providers as well as what is new on the horizon staff need to know about. The Professional Development Committee will continue to offer as many trainings as possible as well as specific trainings requested by staff per the annual survey results next year. Trainings will include: •CalSTRS/CalPERS Retirement Planning •Computers & Technology •Diversity & Inclusion •Student Resources •Leadership Development
Program Review Committee
3/6/2020 9:55:26 AM
The Program Review Committee has completed their evaluation of all submitted Program Reviews. Authors should review committee feedback to inform next year`s review. The PRC Chairs will submit the numerical scoring of program plans (including resource requests) to Cabinet for further consideration. Our next series of meetings will focus on: the development of an Executive Summary to present to the Board of Trustees and Budget Advisory Committee, a review of author feedback about the process, and an identification of overall themes present in the reviews.
Student Equity Planning
3/9/2017 11:42:37 AM
The Student Equity division is working on multiple projects currently, including: 1) Convening a Multi-Cultural Committee, which is planning for the creation of a Multi-Cultural Center on the Eureka campus, as well as a Multi-Cultural Symposium for Fall 2017. 2) Coordinating CR`s participation in the Racial Equity Alliance, a regional group which gathers to learn how to engage their respective institutions in making racial equity changes. 3) Convening and coordinating the Student Equity Committee, which is currently analyzing data and creating possible strategies to address current disproportionate impacts in the areas of student access, course completion, persistence, graduation, and transfer. 4) Continuing to offer professional development opportunities for faculty and staff related to underrepresented students` success. 5) Continuing to offer cultural awareness activities at the college that further create an environment of connectedness, belonging and acceptance for underrepresented and all students. 6) Giving motivational talks at the local high schools to Spanish-speaking students and parents, including at Arcata and Fortuna High Schools. Thank you, Renee Saucedo Director of Student Equity & Success
Technology Planning Committee
12/6/2019 8:09:30 AM
The Technology Planning Committee has completed the Technology Master Plan which can be found on the site.

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